Victory 28 Electrical Treadmill

The Victory 28 is designed as a mid- range training machine with high performance capability. This is a heavy duty, hard wearing electrical equine treadmill with variable speed and incline functions.


This machine is perfect for working within enclosed environments due to it’s very low decibel readings whilst offering all options of a high speed machine up to a speed of 45 kmph. Built to be a racehorse specific machine the V28 can cater for all thoroughbreds at any stage of their preparation or rehabilitation.


Specifications – V28 Electrical
Speed:                    4 – 45 kmph
Elevation:              0 – 7 degrees
Length:                  8.6 m (with ramps attached)
Width:                   2.8 m
Height:                  3.0 m (3.4m Elevated)
Drive:                     380 – 420V / 18.5Kw / 50Hz 3-Phase Motor


Level, concrete slab not less than;

Length:               10.65 m

Width:                 3.5 m

Depth:                  120 mm