Victory 38 Equine Treadmill

The V38 treadmill offers several advantages and enables users to control the speed, duration, intensity and incline on a uniformly consistent and safe surface. The V38 has a range of capabilities and can cater for full speed work for racehorses, being able to reach a speed of 55kmph to offering the option of controlling incline to build muscles for rehabilitation or sales preparation.


The V38 is very popular among many of the world’s leading racehorse trainers, among other disciplines, due to its durability, high speed motor and ease of use and control. It offers a perfect platform for training horses as individuals, monitoring heart rates and taking blood lactates and increasing the chances of getting your horse to optimum fitness. With no weight on its back and no interference from a rider, training can become a simple and enjoyable experience again for certain horses who may not enjoy the normal routine or are difficult in the mornings. Due to the surface it leads to a much safer exercise environment and offers ease of access to monitor a horses gait or listen to their wind.

Rehabilitation has become a major area of concern for many people in the equine world and the V38 offers a way of bringing horses back into work slowly and steadily, in a controlled manner at their own pace.


Specifications – V38 High Speed:
Speed:                    0 – 55 kmph
Elevation:              0 – 7 degrees
Length:                  8.6 m (with ramps attached)
Width:                   2.1 m 
Height:                  2.8 m (3.4m Elevated)
Drive:                    415 V/ 50 AMP/ 30 HP


Level, concrete slab not less than;

Length:                    10.65 m

Width:                     2.4 m

Depth:                     120 mm