Victory 8 Electrical Treadmill

The Victory 8 is a high speed equine treadmill offering the latest in treadmill design. It comes with automated programs for ease of use, & also a monitoring program for those looking at purchasing a treadmill to rent to others.


The treadmill runs over Victory’s signature low noise base plate which is ideal for areas or training facilities where noise levels may be an issue. The treadmill comes with 8 user programmable training routines with the added convenience of real time, single button speed & Incline controls. Upon request it can also come with a monitoring program with the ability to record up to 38 users’ monthly usage data. Providing the perfect solution for any rental options.


Specifications – Victory 8 Electrical

Speed:                     4-42 kmph

Elevation:               0 – 6 degrees

Length:                   3.9m, 7.0m with ramps attached

Width:                    2.4m installed

Height:                   2.3m (2.8m Elevated)

Drive:                     15Kw, 415Volt / 50Hz Motor (3 phase)



Level, concrete slab not less than;

Length:                10.6 m

Width:                  3.5 m

Depth:                  120 mm