Victory LA Electrical Treadmill

The Victory LA is a fully electrical, high speed equine treadmill offering the latest in treadmill design specifications. The Victory LA is one of the quietest equine treadmills on the market capable of reaching speeds of up to 42kmph.


With an electrical worm drive incline operation and a low resistance and noise base plate which further increases treadmill belt life this is the ideal machine for enclosed areas or training facilities where noise may be an issue.

This machine also offers the distinct advantage of a controlled, safe and uniformly flat training surface to ensure maximum safety conditions for the rehabilitation or training of equine athletes.


Specifications – Victory LA Electrical

Speed:                     4-42 kmph

Elevation:               0 – 6 degrees

Length:                   7.00 m

Width:                    2.50 m

Height:                   2.62 m (3m Elevated)

Drive:                     2 or 3 Phase/ 15 Kw drive / 32 Amp



Level, concrete slab not less than;

Length:                10.62 m

Width:                  2.45 m

Depth:                  120 mm